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This web site will tell you about Inuyasha and his friends . This website also has images of Inuyasha, his enemies, and his friends. You can look foward to new images every other week. Inside the blog you can find summaries of episodes from the past week and you will also know when there are Inuyasha time changes or when Inuyasha changes days of the week. If you have any questions, or comments you would like to only me to see, then e-mail me at inuyasha1@zoomshare.com or inuyasha_710@yahoo.com
Kagome Higurashi was an average teenager until her cat, Buyo ran away and she went after him.  Buyo was in the old shrine. Kagome fell into the sealed well in her family's shrine. When she came out of the well, she found herself in a very unusual place. This place was feudal Japan. Old Kaede, a priestess and Kikyo's younger sister, had convinced Kagome that she was her sister's reincarnation. Kagome then met the young half-breed Inuyasha, after she broke the spell on him. Kagome being Kikyo's reincarnation was able to use a sacred arrow to stop a demon who stole the Sacred Shikon Jewel. Kagome accidently broke the jewel and and had to team up with Inuyasha to find the pieces of the jewel. On their journey they met up with a orphaned fox demon named Shippo who has the ability to use fox magic, a monk named Miroku who has a hole in his right hand, giving him the ability to use the wind tunnel, which makes him a very formidable opponent, a demon slayer named Sango, who just lost her family and other demon slayers to her brother who was under a demon's control. Now they all are in search of a terrible demon named Naraku. Naraku is a demon that likes to use mind control and demon puppets to hurt people and toy with their emotions. Naraku a demon who never sullies his own hands. Inuyasha and his friends are determined to find and destroy Naraku. Smile

New!!: An incredible advancement for this site. Music has been added. See "Inu Info" for music. The choice of Inuyasha songs was chosen by myself. To place requests for more songs, send a message or post in the comments in the "Inu Info" section.

New!: I will put a new question every week down here and you can answer it in "Inu Info".

Question of the Week: Can Inuyasha completely control the transformations? Or will he keep transforming and one day hurt or even worse kill Kagome and his friends?



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